What does it take to become a successful outdoor writer?

The ingredients are many, and there is often no way they can be measured. A pinch of this, a daub of that, a mixture of talent and experience and love of the outdoors are a part of it.

So is knowledge, acquired through an institute of higher learning, or through experience in the world of journalism. It is this knowledge and experience that is the basis of the mentor program.

Published writers got there the hard way. They paid their dues in learning their craft, and they learned from experience. They told readers of their outdoor lives in words and photographs, in lectures, in various media. They know how to juggle sentences and paragraphs, how to tell a story, how to create interest in explaining techniques involved in their outdoor activities that will benefit their readers.

On the other hand, there are up and coming writers, a new generation of enthusiastic men and women who may be discouraged by the difficulties faced in trying to get their stories and ideas into print. They hit brick walls with editors and publishers, accrue piles of rejection letters, and become disenchanted.

By matching experienced writers with those eager to break into the field, we hope to build a relationship that will aid this new generation.

We have seasoned OWC writers ready to take new ones under their wing and help them overcome some of the hurdles, to critique their work in a constructive manner, to show them ways to improve their chances of being published.

The Mentor Program is open to student, associate, or supporting OWC members who seek this help.
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